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Buying a property

Buying a property

Hurrrah Pro is our complete service for every aspect of home-buying.

We take all the hassle of buying off your shoulders. We sort the property survey, the mortgage, the legal work, everything you need by working closely with approved partners who specialise in the mortgage process.

There's never been an easier way to buy.

Expert support the whole way

You’ll get your own team to help you with every aspect of buying a home.

Legal work and surveys, sorted

Done to the highest standard - and in days, rather than weeks.

Everything in one place

No last-minute rush to find a solicitor. No unexpected costs. Everything you need is in place from the start.

Selling Current Property

Buying a property and selling your current property 

Buying and selling? Let our Pro team and partners  take care of it.

We take all the hassle of buying off your shoulders. We help you get the mortgage, and do all the legal work for the place you want to buy.

And we'll sort all the legal work for the place you're selling, too.

No need to manage multiple lawyers. No stress. We'll handle it all for you.

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Expert support the whole way

You’ll get your own team to help you with every aspect of buying a home.

We'll do the legal work for both homes

We handle your conveyancing for both buying and selling. That means all the legal work happens more smoothly and with minimal delays.

Everything in one place

You won’t need to go chasing lawyers, brokers, and banks. Or fill in the same form a multiple times. Leave it to us.

The Benefits

Property survey, sorted

This is an inspection of your property that tells you if there’s any problems with it. It means you know exactly what you’re buying.

We help you decide which type of property survey is right for you, and get it done fast. If we do find problems, we help you figure out next steps.

All the legal work you need

We’ve heard too many stories from buyers whose solicitor was inefficient or way too expensive for the service they got.

We won’t let conveyancing get in your way. We arrange all your legal work for you – that's property searches, drawing up the contracts, transferring the money to the seller – with no hassle to you.

Mortgage fit for your circumstance

We search a comprehensive range of mortgages in the UK to get you the deal out of thousands of different options. Then we do all the hard work and paperwork to apply for you. It’s the fastest, easiest mortgage you’ll ever experience.

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What about the fee?

the best part is there is no Fee.. 

Great value

We’ve teamed up with excellent legal and surveying partners, and negotiated great rates on their services for you. (Period or Large properties may require an in-depth survey at a higher cost)

Get all your quotes in 1 place 

We will get all the costs and run through them with you so that you know exactly how much everything is going to cost, we can even get you the cost to insure the building as well. 

Legals that wont let you down 

Our partners they understand mortgages and the process that goes with it so they will move swiftly and tactically to make sure everything runs smoothly. They have been signed off and approved by us.

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The Steps

Mortgage application sent!
Pay the initial Plus fee

Pay your fee's, which we'll use to book in your property survey and set you up with your conveyancer

We sort your property survey

We’ll get you a comprehensive report on your future home, so you know the exact value of what you’re buying

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We find you the best mortgage

We search thousands of deals to find the best one for you

You relax, we’ll sort the legal work

Our partners will sort out legal checks and draw up the contracts

You’ve got the property!
Pay the final part of your fee

Typically this is the legal fee's all agreed upfront

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A comprehensive range of mortgages out there

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