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Better Ways to Buy to Let

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We’re passionate about Buy to let mortgages, we make things simpler, quicker and easier to get you the product you need

Most Buy-to-Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Buy To Let
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Better buy-to-let* mortgages for the modern Landlord.

Fix your rate for 2 or 5 and up to 10 years

including self-employed, first-time, retired and older landlords

Accidental Landlords

Get a mortgage with a deposit as low as 20%

Portfolio and company buy-to-let 

A decision, gives  more certainty

When you get a decision in principle from most lenders, it’s no guarantee you’ll get a mortgage. Your DIP is usually based on some basic checks of what you can afford.

With buy-to-lets we understand the need to get things in place, we work as efficiently as possible to get you the funding secured 

Buy To Let

Who’s eligible?

With our specialists advisors and knowledge we can find a Buy-To-Let for people who previously found it hard or in some instances high street lenders turned them away

No minimum income for first time landlords up to 75% LTV

You only need to show 3 months of employment history

No additional restrictions for ex-local authority properties

No discrimination against landlords with tenants on benefits

Newly formed companys and existing companies with portfolios

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Hurrrah for Landlord's

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